The journey to settlement and integration is one filled with disparities in existing systems such as health, education and employment, which impact the lives of newcomers, migrants and former refugees in multiple ways.

Our Mission:

Driving innovation to improve newcomer settlement and integration.

Our Vision:

An inclusive, connected New Zealand where newcomer communities are able to enjoy and contribute towards our collective wellbeing and prosperity.

We need a systemic change.

Newcomers (migrants and refugees) have for several years experienced pain points in the health, education, employment and social systems such as inequitable access, racism and isolation. Despite years of working in the sector, the barriers newcomers face as they try to build new lives in New Zealand are still prevalent and persistent. The impact of these barriers negatively impacts the lives of individuals, families, communities and overall the wellbeing of a nation. We know that a change was needed. A change that recognised our strengths and achievements, as we move forward towards sustainable, innovative, collaborative and systemic change to improve the settlement and integration of newcomers.




To address the critical pain points that newcomers experience on their settlement journey, we work collaboratively with newcomer communities, government and other organisations in the non-profit and profit sector to innovate and lead initiatives. Here are some examples of our work that helps contribute to positive systems change and address prevalent pain points such as inequitable access to key services and opportunities, social isolation and discrimination.

Social Enterprise

Social enterprises enable us to have a positive impact in the lives of migrants and refugees whilst also providing a means to generate income. It brings business and philanthropy together, in a way that is exciting, sustainable and relevant to our ethnic and newcomer communities.

WISE Catering

Taste authentic ethnic food through WISE Catering.

Our caterers are former refugee women from all over the world, who will bring the world’s ethnic flavours to your next event. Fuelled with a passion for food, their culture, the environment and a desire to share their cuisines with the community, add a burst of delicious culture to your next event. Learn more