Helping Christchurch. Helping New Zealand.

Here are ways for you to get involved and help those affected by the Christchurch Terrorist acts and also to ensure this doesn't happen again.

Since the tragedy in Christchurch on March 15th 2019, we have been sharing through our Facebook page, helpful links and tips for those affected and for those looking to support our Christchurch and Muslim community. The Spin Off has provided a great resource for people to refer to and below are some additional ones.

For victim support

You can call or text 1737 for text support with a trained counsellor. Youthline is available on 0800376633 or free text 234. National organisation, Victim Support provides a free 24/7 community response to help victims of serious crime and trauma. There are some common reactions to trauma, and some helpful ways to cope that may be useful to share with your teams: The Crisis and Trauma Factsheet and Helping with stress after a difficult event.

Amplify Voices

Giving: Donations

There is poor representation within media (and in fact across many industries) which can skew the stories and voices of those directly affected. So here is a list of reading from our Muslim community. Let's amplify their voices!

Keep Safe Online

  1. Watch out for scams asking for donations

  2. Don't download any footage of Christchurch from untrusted sources as they have malware embedded in it

  3. Report any defacement of NZ websites and denial-of-service.

For Social Media

  1. Don't share information about the terrorists

  2. Don't quote, nor mention his 'manifesto'

  3. Don't post audio, video or photos from the sites of the attack

  4. Report any pages or posts that support these extremists thoughts.

Have Conversations

  1. Make sure you invite and let those most affected - Muslims, ethnic people lead the conversations

  2. Talk about terrorism

  3. Talk about racism

  4. Talk about and start challenging your own prejudice and assumptions of other cultures

Ongoing Services

Unsure of what support services are out there - try the Hearts and Minds Directory to find organisations that are willing to help.