Empowering communities through opportunities that link doing good with business – charity and commerce

Social enterprises enable us to have a positive impact in the lives of migrants and refugees whilst also providing a means to generate income. It brings business and philanthropy together, in a way that is exciting, sustainable and relevant to our ethnic and newcomer communities.

WISE Catering

Food connects people and for former refugee women and isolated migrant women it is doing much more. In the WISE Collective project that support former refugee and isolated migrant women, it was discovered that whilst many of these women lacked English language, formal education and any work experience in NZ and back in their home countries that they had amazing culinary skills to share and a unique offering of ethnic recipes – otherwise unseen and unheard of in Auckland’s food world. We saw an opportunity to link business to doing good for our community.

Through training and accreditation provided through the WISE Collective Project, women were supported and thus WISE Catering was founded; a social enterprise that not only connect these isolated community of women to their communities and shares their culinary skills, but also helps them generate income to support their families – a first for many in the group.

Through sharing their ethnic foods, they have and are building a home in NZ for themselves.