Founded in 2003, Belong Aotearoa (Formerly known as ARMS) has in over 15 years supported thousands of newcomers, migrants and refugees who have settled in Auckland. It has been a place in which these communities can learn skills, gain experience and opportunities that help them in each of these systems through the various projects, workshops and programmes run.

Our Stories


The WISE Collective Project – Nasra

My name is Nasra. I’m originally from Somalia but was born and raised in the United Emirates. I chose to apply as an asylum seeker when I fell pregnant with my second child. My first child was unable to access any support services and I didn’t want my second child to face the same struggles so I applied to come to New Zealand; a safe place where you have a right to live.  Read More


Safari Multicultural Playgroups

Amani is a Syrian mother of two who regularly attended the Safari project with her youngest son. Arabic is her first language and she didn’t speak any English. It was a huge barrier to her accessing services and participating in key aspects of her life. So at Safari whilst her son played and socialised, she would take part in the English classes. Read More