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The price per person is

$17 for 20-30 people (veg option)

$18 for 20-30 people (non-veg option)

$19 for 10 to 20 people (veg option)

$20 for 10 to 20 people (non-veg option)

All Prices exclude GST.

Additional delivery charge is applied when the delivery distance exceeds 10km or order less than $300.

When catering orders involve two or more ethnic cuisines such as Afghani and Ethiopian dishes, each ethnic group catering order must be a minimum of $300 each.

Plates and cutlery are not provided with food. We can provide on request, eco-friendly plates, cutlery and napkins for an additional $1.50 per person.

For more information, please contact Sasi Syed Niyamathullah: Email:

Mobile: 021 02996912